Hey it’s who?


I’m Nyse (but you can call me Awesome) and I’m a teenager. More specifically I’m an awesome teenager and I will not accept any opinion which goes against this because I’m awesome and that’s a fact. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. I’m also against dictatorship and try to draw away from people who aren’t modest at all. 

A picky reader (classics, fantasies, biographies, historical journals, science, math, mystery, romance) a lover of food (I love chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream, and ice-cream with cookies inside the ice-cream) and fascinated by other cultures here you can encounter a sprinkle of my thoughts, and discover about my ideas and fascinations.

Intelligent, witty, wise, perfect, all-rounder and extremely modest I’m ready to encounter this wonderful journey with you all. 

I’m sure it’ll be awesome, and the awesomeness will grow as the number of awesome readers will grow; after all the Queen of Awesomeness (*ahem, ahem) said so.

See you around!


P.S: It’s so irritating to watch people who repeatedly use a word (e.g, I’ve heard about someone who always says the word awesome).

27 thoughts on “Hey it’s who?

    • Nyse says:

      Who said I said awesome all the time. Only because I’m he awesome awesomer awesomest, Queen of awesomeness, the Ruler of awesome awesomest doesn’t mean I like to say awesome all the time!😁


    • Nyse says:

      Thank you 😊, yes awesome is really is an awesome, I mean er cool word 😅. And thanks for the compliment, the name’s actually Denise but I’ve been called Nyse since very little so it stayed.

      P.S: Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I was travelling so was present on my blog 🙂

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    • Nyse says:

      Haha, thanks it’s awesome that you dropped by, and I think your comment is awesome. You’re such an awesome blogger, (I’m sorry that I took so long to reply to such an awesome remark). Thanks once more, for the awesome visit.
      P.S: I’m glad you don’t use the word awesome constantly, at least we can relate on that. How awesome!

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  1. Kingsley Peace says:

    OMG! i found you – your majesty. May my awesomeness find favour in your awesomely magnificent blog. I really admire you awesome sense of humour – it’s awesomely impressive. Btw, your blog is stupendously awesome beyond the awesomely ginormous galaxy.

    Love it. Good luck, Queen Awesome. lol

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jane Love says:

    I greet your Majesty. May you live long, Queen Awesome. I bring news from one of you most awesome subjects. She wishes me to inform thy awesomeness that she has answered Your Highness’ inquiry in her blog.
    Thank you. 😀 😀 😀

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