Reduce Your Sugar Levels with The Following Foods

Hey everyone! This is my first post, and I’m already excited to share health tricks and tips with you. I’m sure that the more posts here, the more we’ll grow, and the more we’ll grow, the more posts we’ll have here :-). For my first post, I decided to write about something, which many people have to deal with everyday-having high sugar levels.

Having high sugar levels, diabetes, or any other health issue related with the amount of sugar intake you consume, can be unpleasant when not in control. Whether you’re diabetic, want to lose weight or your sugar intake is simply too high, there’s a way to control your blood glucose life. After all any issue related with glucose (or any other health issue) shouldn’t ever stop you from enjoying life! Apart from exercise, you can control your glucose levels through what you eat.

  • Cinnamon


Cinnamon reduces blood glucose, triglycerides (fat in humans and animals), as well as raising HDL, and lowering LDL. This spice comes from a tree and has long been considered to be a medicinal plant. According to , after a study conducted to see the effects of cinnamon in regards with glucose levels, it was observed that glucose levels dropped by 25% after people incorporated cinnamon into their diets.

  • Garlic



This ingredient, encountered in most people’s kitchen has actually been used for centuries to lower blood sugar. The way it works is by realising insulin, thus regulating blood sugar levels.


  • Blueberries


A dietary supplementation which includes blueberries can reduce glucose concentrations over time, as insulin sensitivity increases. As well as this, it improves the circulation, arteries, veins and capillaries.

On a side note, if you consume blueberries it will help protect the health of your eyes in the long term, if they have been affected by diabetes or hypertension.


  • Raw Cheese



Oh, cheese! From cheddar to feta, to edam…the possibilities are endless!

According to Mail Online, just two slices of cheese a day could reduce your risk of diabetes (as if I needed an excuse to eat such a delicacy anyway :-D) , and is know being known as a food which can enable the reversion of diabetes. Cheese has similar characteristics as those which are in the protein category, as well as with a low carb content.

  • Goji berries


This berry with an extraordinarily distinctive taste is known to be a superfood, and within reason. With the ability to increase brain activity, high in vitamin C, rich in protein, anti-oxidising it also reduces glucose levels. This sweet fruit is rich in fibre, and a high fibre diet  can reduce your risk of diabetes, as well as emerging as a new form to reverse, despite effects still being studied.


I hope you enjoyed my first post, and genuinely found the tips useful, and if you know any more tips in regards with reducing sugar levels, why not share them here?



16 thoughts on “Reduce Your Sugar Levels with The Following Foods

  1. Nyse says:

    Oh alright (I get it now), I saw your blog only now and fell in love with it, I hope you keep writing I’m sure other posts will be as great as Once Upon a Free Bird! 🙂


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