“The Humanities Aren’t That Important Anymore”-A Librarian Told Me That

“So Nyse, what do you want to do after Year 11,”

Like every other high school student, I was being asked the same question by parents, teachers, ____ and now , the librarian.

“I was thinking of continuing to study Chemistry and Biology,” I sheepishly reply before a slight sense of guilt seems to penetrate within me, after all this particular librarian was into all things related with humanities department, and it wasn’t just a time or two which she had gotten herself into a passionate discussion with all things related to it.

To my surprise the librarian nodded in agreement

“Yes, the humanities won’t get you far,”.

Numerous youths from different countries, cultures and perspectives are now increasingly being taught that the humanities section won’t lead you anywhere else unless you desperately want to become a member of the “unemployed people”. This quote has become a quote so frequently integrated within households, people are scaring youths out of doing what they wish to do. But before we carry on telling horror story to youths, about the inexplicably horrendous matters to those who decide to rebel (e.g, you won’t get a job with Google!), and not study science let’s take a moment to analyse where this craze commenced.

Modern day society is increasingly becoming technology oriented-all you have to do is walk down your street and count how many people are holding the handheld device, which can connect to a wireless communication through radio wave or satellite transmissions which is taking over the world. Walk into an Apple store, or rather aim not to endlessly barge into what seems like an army of people looking at the latest lotus flower-the new Apple phone. With so many people around the world revolving their life around technology, and all things related; it becomes inevitable that the demand for such jobs to dramatically increase which leaves us questioning: Where are Humanities?

But before we all demand that subjects such as history, should be scrapped and well become…history, we must first understand the importance of such subjects and why so many people have fell in love with subjects such as these. First and foremost, with humanities there would be no democracy. Democracy is one of the most beautiful things we can have, because it allows us the liberty of speech and to be opinionated without having a bullet being shoved down your skull. This comes from humanities.

Humanities allow for us to perceive things from different perspectives depending on culture, beliefs, and therefore it will vouchsafe for us to have a better sense of perspicacity  and judgement;essential tools if it is society’s voracity to live in a harmonious location. And the humanities-are exactly what the name itself describes, humans, us. If people don’t permit themselves to understand one another, the way we now wish to comprehend machines, then where does that leave us? The human beings are (what I believe to be) the most complicated beings on the planet-more challenging to comprehend than working out the pattern in Pi, and more unpredictable than the working out the chances of a volcano erupting. Without people who dedicate themselves to apprehend human beings, then we are voluntarily leading ourselves to a path of self-destruction, in which no technology no matter how revolutionary it may be can save us from. How many corrupt politicians are there out in the world in this very moment out there, due to lack of empathy, how many doctors are killing lives rather than saving them, how many children despise their parents rather than loving them because they don’t have sympathy for another-a skill which we learn through the humanities. 60% of CEO’s majored in humanities. Many doctors, actors, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, all have humanities degrees.

It’s important that we understand that salary/popularity of jobs shouldn’t be the factor to happiness, because these matters pass just like trends come and go but if you stand out in your chosen field, by having the willingness to work hard then you’ll know you’ve had time well spent-something which popularity of jobs can’t steal. Approximately half of our life spent is working, thus it’s of extreme importance that’s time well spent. Whether that’s STEM, Humanities, or any other chosen field you have ambitiously aimed to pursue.

Just like STEM subjects allow us to delve deeper to understand science, the humanities allow us to delve deeper to understand humans,


14 thoughts on ““The Humanities Aren’t That Important Anymore”-A Librarian Told Me That

  1. Only in Dreams. says:

    Lovely post. I really want to do BOTH. STEM and the humanities always seem to be at odds with each other with each looking down upon the other. However, only once I decided to become a bookworm did I realise how important and thought-provoking the humanities are. I’m currently studying medicine but would love to do a post graduate degree in philosophy or english literature or creative writing. There’s just so much I want to learn and so little time. Philosophy seems very interesting because I would love to be more skilled in critical thinking and forming rational and persuasive arguments but creative writing is my first love. I love your blog by the way, keep writing and sharing all your thoughts.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Nyse says:

      Yes, I know exactly how you feel. And it’s funny because the two can be so relatable both the stem and humanities involve problem solving, and analytical thinking, they’re simply taught differently. (e.g, you don’t have to write an essay on Fermats Last Theorem and analyse the problem for maths) but not many people see it that way. I found your blog, and I loved the way it’s so informative and how in-depth you’re not afraid to go. Thanks for the comment, keep on writing because your blog is simply beautiful!


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