If This Was Taught-Perhaps Hitler Would Have Been A National Hero

Bags off. Coats off. Sit down. Students followed the humdrum rule, heaving as they mentally became predisposed to the 15 minutes of torture which awaited them-15 minutes of ‘end of the day’ lecture, waiting, waiting to trap students in it’s boredom. Awkwardly aiming to not elbow their fellow peers, all automatically gyrated their head towards the stage, where the teacher was waiting to speak. “Okay it won’t be that bad,’, everyone aimed to convince themselves.

The lecture commenced.

It was a battle to listen to interesting topic of 2 hours revision a day. I had heard it all, it was like a repetitive play which was structured differently in order to slightly engage the students. However during that particular assembly, a phrase struck me, 9 words sewn together to capture my attention

”2 hours a day of revision may seem like a lot, but you must remember Education is the most important thing you can have,”.

Days later, I conversed with one of my closest friends; a drama enthusiast with a pulchritudinous sense of humour every conversation would inaugurate; and end laughing.

But today’s conversation wasn’t as pleasant.

“My parents finally became divorced,” he cried, before he went on speaking about how horrendous it was when his father was around, before angrily crying that he could never forgive his father after all the hurt he had brought to him and his mother. He was well and exceptionally hurt. He required education, but not through the teachers definition, he needed education to overcome the grudges he withheld. Yet these issues, issues which affect not only your whole life, but future generations aren’t addressed in school, it would be egoistical to expect that an academic institution would solve all our internal issues, however we don’t wish for it to be slightly dismissed either. For my friend, no matter how much you would aim to prove that his (academic) “Education is the most important thing you can have,” , it would not be established. Having an established family would have been more meaningful.

However, it’s not simply within school grounds that the valour conceded of having a good relationship is descending; it’s everywhere. And it leads to the deterioration of society. One must regard that society, is a reflection of thousands upon thousands of families which pass on values, principles, disciplins which will shape the child’s character; hence affecting the generation of tommorow. Yet in a world of facebook, snapchat, even blogging we are becoming so egoistical, we’re not as willing to sacrifice the time to work on those values.

If more houses would teach the true beauty of honesty within modern day society, it’s questionless that there would be less countries who were victims of corruption. One is so unhesitatingly able to repudiate the government, without forgetting corruption also reflects the majority of people’s character within such country. If a child grows up, believing that stealing is correct; then it wouldn’t certainly hurt them if they stole,  if they moved to one of the highest position in the country. Hence leading to a vicious cycle, establishing that the retrospective country remains in poverty.

This may seem cliché, but the lack of principles and moral values can lead to truly atrocious acts; to the points of mass murder. Adolf Hitler was one of those adolescents who was victim of a fragmented family; his father had cheated on previous wives various times and was now a drunkard who would often beat Hitler. When his mother died of breast cancer, it was worse; eventually growing into the man we often associate him for. We must be able to strip away, the negative connotations we often regard him with, and see that before all of that; he was a human being, with thoughts and sentiments like any of us. What he did was horrendous, however perhaps if he had acquired help from the start rather being labelled as a “troublesome student” in school, and being beaten by his father excessively, he could have utilised his awe-inspiring talent for the good. He certainly withheld the charm, charisma and organisation to lead Germany out of suffering. He confessed himself  later on that “he never loved his father,”.

This is heart-breaking.  We must learn to appreciate, to co-operate with each other within our homes, if we wish to lead well. It’s about time we spend less time thinking about ourselves, and think about the chain of events we create.




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