If Marriages Were Based on Appearance,There Would Never Be A Divorce in Hollywood

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“If marriages were based on appearance, than there would never be a divorce in Hollywood,” Renato Cardoso

Hollywood frightens me.Period. The films they make can be truly astounding, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, and we can’t forget they have nothing short of the wow factor. And what about the celebrities, which according to media, have the most stunning looks, the most perfect lifestyle and have a world which egocentrically revolves around them, and every action they take from the mansion they buy, to the guy/girl they marry is immediately a life-saving factor which all eyes need to see, and all ears to hear.

And yet it’s one of the most unhappiest places.

When we look closer, we’re forced to remove our rose-tinted glasses and realise the real mess, the horrible ugliness which is deep-rooted within the fame-driven industry. Upon researching, we finally open our eyes to what’s inside,many who are forced to complete scandalous acts, act overly sexual ,violent to gain more than a one-shot of fame. Honesty is kicked out of the window, sympathy transforms into a fairytale and many of those who dared enter through Hollywood’s portal to become a living, breathing doll-exposed in every mannerism; forgetting what is right or wrong.

Yet Hollywood isn’t the only localization where drug-taking, cheating, brutal fights and everything that seems to stem from evil is ingrained within-Hollywood (as preposterous as it may seem) is only one great reflection of the greater public. What media shows, is what we thirst for, our secret desires. We crave for slanderous acts, hunger for guilty pleasures (which consists of the sheer exhibition of celebrities) and all we want is more, and more and then ruthlessly complain what this world is coming to. We aim to copy their acts, to look like them, to have their hobbies, thoughts and dreams and when we fail we cry-out in agonising pain.

We forget they’re human, the fact that plurality of times they have to act in a certain way against their will is plundered into a great abyss,  we judge which looks would combine well with what and forget they cry, have insecurities., fears and doubts just like everyone else. All we want is to look like them, we decide to be fake, deceive someone then curse at life.

We need to spend a bit more time to reflect on life, to notify that as cliché as it may sound ‘There’s only one version of you. Lets build relationships with others, truly and utterly build, to savour every moment of it, taste the refreshing deliciousness of the gradual build up unto its something beautiful.ts not do it based on superficiality, for its crucial to acknowledge “If marriages were based on looks, actors would have the happiest marriages,”






2 thoughts on “If Marriages Were Based on Appearance,There Would Never Be A Divorce in Hollywood

    • Nyse says:

      Thanks so much for your wonderful, heart-touching words; in many cases it’s better to be known by few but live a meaningful life than be known by millions, and still feel alone.I’m so glad you sympathise with me, I feel like we can relate whenever I read your blog, you’re a great writer!

      Liked by 1 person

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