This Simple Coffee Analogy Can Change Your Life

“I don’t know what to do,”

Cried a young woman, staring into the mirror, staring into what she had become. Dark circles, disheveled hair, eyes, eyes which reflected the burden she felt with every step she took. Revealed the heavy weight which she felt was ingrained upon her every time she went to bed. She was going through a hardship, and she didn’t know what to do.

Exasperated, swallowing her pride she went to her father like a refugee entering a safe country. She wanted his warmth, and his fatherly advice and so as soon as she opened the doors of her father’s home, she opened her heart; about how isolated she felt, about how hopeless she regarded herself, she wanted help-she needed help more than anything else.

The father; adorned with wrinkles as an aftermath of years of hard work and labor, every line intricately drawn to reflect the wisdom he had gained, as the hands of time made him eat the fruits of life. He looked at his daughter, nothing more than a small grain, like a mustard seed small, seemingly invisible who was just waiting to flourish into its true full potential. His mouth contorted into a smile, and with a patience which one could only acquire through age he said:

“Boil an egg, a carrot, and coffee all in separate pots, then tell me what you saw,”

The girl not understanding what her father’s eyes which were dancing like the teenage boys who were up to something were, hiding, she decided to go through the whole procedure  anyway, not comprehending the interconnection between the two. After it was done she returned to see her father.

“So what did you see?”, asked her father

“Well, when I boiled the eggs, they were pretty hard, when I boiled the carrot they became soft, and when I boiled coffee,…mmm (she cried closing her eyes to remember the evoking aroma) the wonderful fragrance of it filled the air,”

The father nodded.

“Exactly, there are three types of people in the world, we have the eggs who in a difficult situation become hard, those are the ones who ruthlessly blame life, and ingrain rancour in their heart, we have the carrots who immediately allow themselves to lose strength when facing a hardship and cry feeling sorry for themselves, and then we have those who are like the coffee, who utilize their painful situations to release their true aroma. ,”

The girl’s eyes widened suddenly understanding.

“Dear, be like the coffee, and your life will only get better,”



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