Animal Series Tag

bald-eagle-1728739_960_720.jpgAnimals are a wonderful thing to observe. The way a dog droops their ear may show whether he is relaxed or stressed, the way a cat miaows may show whether he’s conceding you a friendly greeting, or is going hungry. A way a wolf licks his nose may show whether he/she is aiming to reduce tension.

But I believe animals are so much more than that.

Animals are a source of inspiration, many times a symbolism of hope, strength, teamwork,character, loyalty-all the components which can cause a ravishing creation when intertwined together like a spider weaves their web. Which is why I  created this tag, to show how animals can be a source of inspiration, to help us through our difficulties and daily battles which we will encounter as a human being.

The Rules Are

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Pick an animal and explain why they are a source of inspiration to you, and how their character can be used to
  3. Nominate at least 3 other bloggers, to share the positivity!

My Animal

For me, one of the animals which inspire me the most is the eagle. Eagles have always been a symbolism of  freedom, and within reason. It’s more than the fact that they have wings and fly, that they’re not so strongly held by gravity like us human beings (if you’re an animal reading this, please forgive me 🙂 ) , but rather because they thrive whatever circumstance they’re placed upon.

Freedom is not having any responsibilities, and living in a bed of roses. Life gives us rancours, hurts, and many more negative things but just like the eagle migrates to either avoid the winter chill or to not be roasted by a scorching amount of heat we must too, move on from a place which burns or freezes us inside. We must move on from our past rancours, forgive those who hurt us and anything and everything which will make our heart absorb all the  corruption within this world.

Eagles have amazing eyesight, so much so they can see a rabbit 3.2km away, so must we see  opportunities from afar. Our ‘prey’ doesn’t come on a silver platter, we must work for it, sweat for it, swoop in and us all our resources to our  advantage. Sometimes we don’t get our prey first time, nor does an eagle, he/she still swoops in again because they know if  they don’t go after they will die.

We have a duty to maintain  faithful to our loved ones, to look away from everything which puts in risk our loyalty, in a society where cheating has  become normalized, even idolized it’s imperative we withhold to what truly values to us. An eagle knows this from nature, they mate with their fellow partner for life, an eagle didn’t have to repeat a famous vow, didn’t have to read on love blog’s but they still know it’s their duty to maintain devoted to their loved ones.


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