Family Time is Vital-Here are 3 Reasons Why

family-eating-at-the-table-619142_960_720.jpgMy parents are uncompromising when it comes to dining around the table together. It’s either sitting around the table or become victim to the agonizing, relentless torture of becoming grounded. Their way or the highway.

Growing up, I never thought much about it, it was simply one more rule to follow, one more habit to cultivate. In fact, it wasn’t until I began reaching my teenage years that I actualized the fact that not every single parent followed this rule, in fact, many people became weirded out by my parents ‘strict’ parenting. I conversed with my parents about it.

They would have none of it. It was their way or the highway.

And now I thank God more than ever for their ‘strict’ parenting. Sitting around the table with your family is awesome, and I couldn’t imagine any other way to dine, it’s spending time with your family and the valour of it only intensifies over time. In fact here are  3 reasons why family time is so indispensable to us all:

  1. The Child Is Less Likely To Have Behavioural Problems

Growing up can be stressful, sometimes we feel like it’s inconvenient and the voracity to babble endlessly with someone suddenly creeps into your head. That’s where parents, come in as an embodiment of support and guidance. According to the telegraph “Children whose, parents had split up were 4.53 times more likely to develop emotional problems than those whose mothers and fathers stayed together,’ . Whilst some may not perceive the link, a divorce reflects an already broken home, misunderstanding as a cause of miscommunication; ingredients to cause behavioural problems to the one with no fault: the child.

2. Less Likely To Involve Themselves in Drugswoman-918616_960_720.jpg

According to Joseph Califano, founder of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse “America’s drug problem is not going to be solved in courtrooms or legislative hearing rooms by judges and politicians. It will be solved in living rooms and dining rooms and across kitchen tables — by parents and families,”. It’s not the fact that sitting around a table with people around you, which will make you allergic to drugs, it’s the fact that families who emphasize such tradition are habitually stable, both with themselves and the people around them.

3. Increases Academic Performance



Parents who involve themselves with the children’s academic life, reviewing homework, reports, etc have a greater influence than the school they attend. Schools may give you the information needed to do well in school, but parents hone their skills through constant family time.

I enjoyed so much writing this post, and it’s thanks to Liz that the idea came up, through her initiative A December to Remember.


7 thoughts on “Family Time is Vital-Here are 3 Reasons Why

  1. Liz C. says:

    This is great!

    In school, we learn that the family is the basic unit of society. If the family is not intact, the community suffers too. People who suffer at home has a higher tendency to act out in other ways.

    We should always promote the importance of having family bonding, as it is needed by each of us. Loving and caring should start within the household.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nyse says:

      You’re more than welcome Liz, thank you for your wonderful idea. Were it not for it, this post wouldn’t exist! Yes society is made up of people, and people are influenced through their families, and it’s sad to see so many people forgetting this.

      Liked by 1 person

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