5 House Cleaning Quick Tips



aim-for-1825672__340.jpgCursing at your vacuum, screaming into your broom, and crying into the bed you were supposed to make? Yes, we all become frustrated when housecleaning, so here are a  few tips to make your floor-polishing hours terminate faster!

  1. agenda-366244__340.jpgMake a Schedule and Stick To It

Have you ever heard of a professional cleaner who says ” Yeah, I’ll arrive next umm…Sunday or whatever.”? No, because that shows lack of discipline and one will become immediately skeptical as to when they’ll clean it, so we must treat ourselves in the same manner. Pick a day, an hour, 30 minutes when you’re going to clean and stick to it. To hard to stick to? Then the next tip will help.

chaos-227971_960_720.jpg2. Watch Hoarders

Basically get motivated! I know that whenever I watch a program where the house looks   well…messy it immediately gets me thinking about the state of my room. It’s my motivator and you need to find yours too, in fact here are a few more ways to get motivated.

  • Do the reverse,look at pictures/videos etc with rooms so clean the juxtaposition between your soon-not-to-be messy room so incredible you could get an A in literature  simply writing about the contrast.
  • Look up a reason as to why you should, e.g; it helps you with anger management!man-hand-car-black.jpg

3. Clean Up As You Go

As your wonderful roast stew is cooking ever so wonderfully, why not go ahead and wash that pile of dishes which is slowly looking like it could beat Mount Everest? Or vacuum that floor which seems to be transforming into quicksand you could get trapped in? That way you don’t have to leave it till later, which is so much harder. Cleaning as you go is not about cleaning all the time,  it’s about maintaining the house clean so you can avoid such a chore.

4. Buy an All-Purpose Cleaning Spray or Should I say…Make One

There are so many recipes now to make your own all-purpose cleaner, and can be so much better as it doesn’ have any of the toxic chemicals traditional all-purpose cleaners witthold. Here’s one from diynatural


5. Have Fun Cleaning

Whenever you have fun making something, the time seems to pass so much faster, after all have you ever heard someone say “Serotonin has been released from my brain for too long’?, no, nor did I ;-). So whether it’s blasting to music, or making it into a workout, always find your own way to make the whole process more worthwhile. This one from lovetoknow seems awesome, as it’s involving family which is vital :

  • Turn Cleaning into a Game
    In the same vein as turning it into a workout, you can make cleaning a game. You can involve your siblings, your spouse, your children or your roommate. Keep a points chart somewhere. Assign every cleaning task in the house with a certain number of points. Whoever completes the task gets the points. At the end of the week, whoever has the most points receives some type of prize.

Once again, I had so much fun writing this, at first I was wondering whether I should write this article (being a teenager who still sucks at doing her own laundry) but in the end I concluded cleaning is not something which is ‘reserved for moms’ and whoever we are, regardless of gender, age, work should involve ourselves in cleaning. And once more I have to thanks Liz C and the scheme she commenced A December to Remember. December’s going soon, so let’s make every second count.

Bye for now!


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