3 Lessons Life Taught Me


  1. Seeking Perfection is a blessing, seeking perfection isn’t

Growing up, I began to subconsciously think that Christian girl, likable, successful girl meant  perfect, all without realising. I would cry if I acquired another scar, would start shaking before an exam, and all around be insecure-after all, my legs were skinny, but my stomach was  nearly flat enough, my hair needs to be wavier etc. That’s until a pastor’s wife told me  ” Denise, you need to have more confidence in your abilities,’

God is perfect, but I’m not, I can only strive to reflect  His image but I will always make mistakes. That’s why I have to  seek  Perfection, to redeem from my mistakes!

freedom-1886402__340.jpg2. Forgive myself

I always withheld pride in myself for the fact that I never held grudges against anyone,no matter what they did. The problem was, I couldn’t forgive myself. I guess that was a  byproduct of my voracity for perfection, but I had to look in the mirror and see that I am human, and just like others hurt me, I will hurt someone even unintentionally (or even intentionally). When we reach regretfulness, we must ask for forgiveness but forgive ourselves too from all the wrong we did.

kid-1241817__340-1.jpg3.  Let things flow a little.

There was a point where I felt I needed to decide which university I would go to, how I would get there, my future job, the country I would live in, how I would look like etc. If you feel like you got all planned, great! But unexpected things occur, decisions change, we mature, go through hardships and our life plans suddenly mould. That’s no reason to panic, this is not even cliché. It’s like the chords of a violin we listen to, the tempo of the chords changing, from melancholy to rapido is what makes it exciting. It’s when a chef decides to not follow the recipe completely that our stomach commences tot churn. It’s called life, and if  we use the resources we have to the best of our ability then we build something big and strong and beautiful.


P.S: Once more this was thanks to Liz C ,  and her beautiful project A December to Remember.


15 thoughts on “3 Lessons Life Taught Me

  1. Pikachu101 says:

    Hey, it’s Nyse again!
    You did an amazing post. Yes, we all change our minds. From policewomen, to chef, director,… we’re still rolling!
    And also, we should always forgive ourselves. We’re not perfect; we’re humans!
    You gave a great life lesson! As always! You are the best, and you will get to be one of the best blogs ever! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nyse says:

      Hey, it’s Pikachu101 again 😃.
      Thanks for the ongoing, immense support you have conceded all this time, yup and who said we can’t be both director and chef? 😊
      Yes we’re humans and that makes us imperfect, but it can also make us be the ones who change the history of the earth-it’s down to us.
      Once again thanks so much more, have hugs multiplied by 100!


    • Nyse says:

      Aww, thanks once more for the heartwarming, uplifting comments you constantly keep posting Deepika! Yes,I couldn’t agree with you more, regardless of what we believe we’re all human and should be kind to ourselves. It’s nice to see someone who could relate too, that way we can both grow stronger together!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrei says:

    Very well-said, Denise. I was taught the lesson to practice being kind to myself too. Life is life, we shouldn’t make it more harder.
    I’m inspired by your perspective. This post is insightful!

    Liked by 1 person

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