After Christmas


When people tell me Christmas is simply for family and generosity I can’t believe them.

Forgive me for my skepticism.

All around I perceive a whirlwind of people, crowded in a shop mindlessly elbowing each other in the supposed act of ‘giving’ and in the spirit of generosity. Dark cirlces are being sewn into the faces of both the young and old and yet they smile, pallid face and all for the sake of conceding.

When I turn on the TV, it feels like I’m entering into propaganda land and all of a sudden it’s like a hand is gripping my arm, and a voice is slowly, and sinisterly whispering into my ear to become deaf to the bells jingling, the sleigh sounds, the Christmas songs and to hear a quiet, innate voice which is aiming to cry out “Christmas is egotistical’.

Could it be? Surely the couples hustling and bustling with fervor, the family’s eagerly holding hands as an act of bestowing love to another, the bright colors stamped out upon malls, intertwined together within shops isn’t egotistical. Right?

And then Christmas terminates, and the bright colors are suddenly stripped and all becomes a stark black and white, there are no bells jingling, or people smiling dark circles and all. No one has time for that.

Only now that I see that those people were simply puppets performing a macabre dance, in which we all completed kinetic activities, beyond the grasp of all language, a particular actions to place ourselves in debts in a way which was masqueraded as beautiful…



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