Lessons Learnt This Year


What a year it has been! 2016 has
been a year full of controversies, surprises, tears and happiness in the midst it all. It was the tension-causing election in the US, and Brexit for the tea-lovers, China stumbling but right now let’s not go there.

But as for I-it was the best year I ever had. 

And I must thank God for that. Every single second. For every morning I woke. For every time someone was able to relate to me. For every single darn time I proved people wrong. For the life lessons I’ve learnt:

  • It’s selfish to not be kind to myselffrench-bulldog-1482630__340.jpg

Throughout my life, I had to deal with toxic friendships and I had to learn to stop undermining myself or not saying what I want because of other people-this year I have definitely progressed and I can only say life becomes so much easier when you learn your true valour.

  • Sometimes the whole world’s advice is completely and utterly useless

This year I moved schools, whilst being in the last year of high school which teachers, people, the internet were against claiming one would not be able to keep with the work.Thank God my family taught that you can win against the odds. I did exactly just that-and I’m so
glad I made the decision

  • Turn your dreams into realities

You may be someone with great hopes and dreams, and that’s okay, heck-in fact that’s awesome, but what is not okay is not turning all those crazy, seemingly-impossible dreams into realities, it may seem cliché but it’s more than true (most clichaic quotes are). It may sound simple but were it not for an initiative HeyItsNyse wouldn’t have been born and posts and ideas like the Animal Series Tag, would never have existed.

  • But not every idea will turn out perfect

And that’s okay, actually no-congratulations. We all commit mistakes, have an idea which failed which simply means First Attempt in Learning, and with discernment, noticing the mistakes you made you can only add to your new, improved, even more awesome project.

And that’s exactly what I’ll do-I’ll take with me the good, and leave behind the bad. I thank God for every, and I mean every single blessing He gave, every morning for it’s the chance for a new oppurtinity. It’s not an instant progress but a lifetime commitment-but one which provides a sense of fulfillment done correctly.


A truly Happy New Year everyone


5 thoughts on “Lessons Learnt This Year

  1. Pikachu101 says:

    Hey, it’s NYSE! Hi!
    I guess it’s a new start, and will be a new year. We will make 2017 the most awesome awesomer* awesomest* year. Happy new year! 😉



    Liked by 1 person

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