6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Iron Levels

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Iron is such an essential nutrient responsible for carrying oxygen around all the organs in your body. That’s a pretty big damn job. Without enough iron, you’re left feeling weak, tired and looking pale. And it’s about time we consume more iron, as anemia is the number one nutritional deficiency illness in the US. Want ways to boost your iron levels? Then here are  6 easy tips!

  1. Eat More Probiotics

Guys, it doesn’t matter how much you eat, if it doesn’t get digested. Which is where probiotics come to the rescue! Probiotics are basically live bacteria, which does wonders for your health as it increases the number of nutrients you absorb from your food. Imagine a pill which would you make you remember the things taught in lesson faster (I want it😄), that’s probiotics with food absorption. Foods include

  • yoghurt
  • goats milk
  • dark chcocolate

2. Avoid coffee and black tea

Even the best of us may sometimes feel like we need coffee to keep us well…at least awake for 5 minutes during that particularly boring lesson. But too much coffee and tea, can block your iron absorption, especially after you had a meal. If you want help beating caffeine addiction or look for alternatives, look here.

3. Go for Vitamin B12

Is it possible to have husband without wife? No, it’s exactly the same with vitamin B12 and iron levels, they’re intertwined. Which means the more foods rich in vitamin b12 you eat, the more your iron levels increase. Foods such as salmon, trout,and eggs all count. And don’t worry because you can’t consume too much vitamin b12 because your body automatically umm…filters any excess.

4. Concentrate on Vitamin C

Isn’t vitamin C simply fabulous? Your body uses it to fight infection, heal wounds and prevent cancer and it increases your iron absorption. So next time you’re eating a lovely piece of steak/fish/tofu add a bowl of strawberries or tomatoes on the side.

5.Think Fall Harvest

Yes, we are in winter, and no I don’t have a crazy obsession for autumn. But perhaps we should turn to squashes which are associated it. Think pumpkin squash, acorn squash, you name it, it’s good to increase your iron levels.

6. Go Ginger

No, don’t go dye your hair (unless you really want to), being a redhead won’t necessarily help but perhaps a ginger biscuit might. Anyone want one?

Whew, I feel like iron man, I mean woman. I had a great time finding ways to eat to a more fabulous me

What’s your best way to increase your iron levels?


11 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Iron Levels

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Chicken and dark leafy greens! Kidney beans are also a great way to get iron. Fantastic post. Informative and well written. Thank you kindly for sharing and reminding us of this important nutrient! Happy new year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nyse says:

      Thank you once more xoxo. Yes, they really are for the benefit of everyone, and I guess more people need to know about it 😊 . Your visit here was appreciated 😍


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