Versatile Blogger Award




Hello my lovely bunch of readers! Can I just say how much I want to give you all a big bear hug to you all,  because I have been nominated by the wonderful ArtistbyBeauty-and what a true beauty her blog really is, from anime to makeup there is something for everyone, I repeat EVERYONE in her blog. So why don’t you do a favour for the Queen of Awesomeness, and check out her blog?

Now for 7 Facts About Moi!

I worked a year with the University of Bristol. I had to complete a research on the correlation between strict parenting and academic performance. It was a most interesting experience, and speaking around in conferences about my research was breath-taking!

  1. I love gardening! In fact, I used to be part of a gardening club. We made a lot of vegetable soup…
  2. I’m blahzian (that is half-African, half-Asian).
  3. I used to be part of an engineering project. We had to ‘construct buildings from scratch’ in an island, and think about the most sustainable way for the citizens to live. We presented ou project in our competition and got into the national semi-finals. It’s funny because I never intended to join it, I thought I wasn’t talented enough until a friend said for I to check it out. You really don’t know what you can do until you try.
  4. I set up a science club, and convince my friends to join me. Every lunchtime we would explore how chemical reactions, are affected by the pH scale, burn tissues and let our imaginations fly.
  5. One of the things I want to do in my lifetime is to teach again.After a wonderful work experience at a primary school, I want to travel abroad and inspire other kids to be awesome.
  6. My friend and I invented our own language: Portoalien (influenced by Portuguese and Italian), statistics show that only 2 people in the WORLD know it: her and I!


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  6. Beauty by A Dutch Girl
  7. Renia Jaz
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This was such a wonderful post to write, I mean that; sometimes it’s nice to look back and  see what you’ve done right (and wrong) in the past because it taught me that getting out of your comfort zone for the right reasons is equivalent to success.

And I still want to give you all a truly big bear hug from the heart😊☺️



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