5 Surprising​ Signs You’re Dehydrated

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Greetings Awesome Bunch!

Just like our Earth, our body consists of approximately 70% water, but oftentimes we take the value of water for granted; water is important for preventing illness, transporting nutrients to the body, reducing stress among other things. So when we don’t have enough water our body is quick to warn us, but it’s not simply through the colour of your pee. If you need help translating body language, here are 6 tips for you to know if you’re dehydrated.


Whilst the science as to why dehydration causes headaches, there is definitively a positive correlation between the two. It is thought that the lack of water in your body reduces the blood flow to the brain causing a headache. So next time you fill your head pounding, go get some vital H2O!

Not Sweating Whilst Your Exercising

Sweat is imperative for your health; it cleanses out your pores, keeps your body temperature down and keeps you from becoming sick as it flushes out toxins. As gross as it may sound: sweating is a good thing. So in order to avoid suffering due to lack of sweat make sure to drink water approximately 3 hours before any workout, to avoid a temperature increase. Which goes on to my next point…

Your body temperature is rising

Your body has internal thermostat regulating heating and cooling, just like your house. However this cooling mechanism can become affected when you don’t drink enough water, as the blood can’t be cooled down. If you feel like your inside are as hot as the Earth’s inner core, it’s about time you drink water!

Pain in The Joints

Both your joints and your cartilage discs are composed of 80% water, so it’s vital you drink enough water for the sake of your bones.

You Look Like A 5 Year Old In a Grown Man’s Body

Sluggish, annoyed, just can’t seem to deal with the world around you? Perhaps it’s about time you check if you’r drinking enough aqua pura. Lack of water can reduce your concentration levels thus making tasks more difficult and put you in a very bad mood. According to Armstrong, who lead research between dehydration and your mood”Our thirst sensation doesn’t really appear until we are 1 [percent] or 2 percent dehydrated. By then dehydration is already setting in and starting to impact how our mind and body perform”. So before you throw a hissy fit, go get a glass of water first.


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