Are YOU satisfied with yourself?


I’ve been missing for a while.  Quite frankly I was doing a bit of self-reflection.

You see an amazing, (believe me amazing) challenge has arrived known as the 21 Day Fast of Daniel. But instead of food  fasting (as is habitual), the idea is to seclude yourself  from social media, music, TV for 21 days etc unless:

  • It’s for your personal growth
  • It’s to inspire others
  • You need it for work/school etc, etc
  • It brings you closer to God.

As you can probably deduce by now, the experience for anyone who takes up the challenge will differ greatly from person to person. Everyone uses social media for different things,  blog on different topics, listen to different genres of music and so the list goes on. And so I left WordPress for a while because I know there are things inside of me which require resolving, which won’t be resolved unless I take a significant amount of time.

And trust me, finding your imperfections and seeing that hey erm, you’re not as righteous as you think you are can be painful, but in the long run it’s awesome because it gets you closer to Him.☺️

So for the next few days, you’ll see me here and there giving a hellooo, but…

I want to end with something which will be beneficial for us all, or this would have simply been a petty explanation post.

  • When was the last time you self-reflected?
  • When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone?
  • Are you truly satisfied with yourself?

And my friend these aren’t questions to get you commenting for me, the matter of fact is if you want to comment on these go ahead! But if not, then I’d like you to think about these anyway, because if you don’t self-reflect then how will you know yourself? I’m not saying this as an expert, believe me, I have battles but then again so do all of us! From the pastor that’s preaching to the lady sitting on the bus next to you, to that 13-year-old smoker-each of us faces internal wars. That’s okay because guess  what? They’re  inevitable! But staying complacent isn’t. Don’t die procrastinating. The time is now, seriously!

And when it all gets tough remember

“In the middle of the furnace, God will make you stronger than the flames.”

Until next time





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