5 Ways To Extend Your Life

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Hello, Awesome Bunch!

Life is a wonderful gift, no matter the background, social class, upbringing you came from I firmly believe once you’re born you can make the lemons life gives you into lemonades. And this includes living a higher quality life, and a higher quality life means an extended life too. By incorporating these 5 easy steps in your life, you’re already on your way to living longer.

  1. Ditch TV

I’m not sure if you know this but I’m not a big fan of TV. And I guess you shouldn’t be too. A study conducted showed that people who watched TV for 3 hours or more a night doubled their risk of early death than those who watched for an hour or less. Want a better, more productive way of spending that free time? Then…

2. Unleash your inner Belle

Read! According to realsimple a  study conducted by the Social Science and Medicine journal showed those who read for as little as 30 minutes a day reduced their risk of dying in the next 12 years by 20%. Furthermore, reading keeps your brain young, promote empathy and encourage life goals. Library trip anyone?

*Want hacks to make your life as a bookworm simpler? Check out this easy guide.

3. Walk

Yes, I am telling you to get off the bus and start using your leg. According to prevention those who walk for 30 minutes a day live up to 4 times longer than those who don’t walk at all regardless of body fat. Walking can also help improve productivity and creativity, so why not start now? I’ll be walking with you all the way!

4. Drink tea.

The Japanese are one of the people with the longest lifespan and their tea-drinking habits may be one of the reasons. Tea can help prevent lung tumors by 80%, as well as prevent heart disease. Depending on the tea, the health benefits you’ll reap will likewise differ. Perhaps it’s about time we replace soda for a bit of green tea goodness?

5. Have faith

No, this is not cliché, it’s actually based on fact. An article from the Telegraph stated  ‘those who were actively “seeking God” had a better survival rate than those who did not hold religious beliefs, regardless of which faith they held.’.

These are all relatively simple, easy tasks to follow but one that goes a long way. Becoming awesome is not doing something necessarily flashy, it’s taking small steps that lead to something bigger



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