20 Book Hacks Every BookWorm Needs To Know

Scrolling through the internet, we find hacks for everything, hacks for your phone, and hack for school, hacks for your  hair and on how to be cool. So it’s time us bookworms have hacks of our own too!

  1. Join Our Community!

Roses Are Red

Violets Are Blue

There’s Always A Book-Worm

Who Reads More Than You

In a society, where fewer people are attuned to reading, one can begin to feel isolated in the reading world. Which is where we come in, by opening a blog I’m commencing to truly appreciate the immense number of book-lovers which are out there, spread across the globe yet tied together through blogging. So why not join the family, and start your own beautiful sharing of the passion you withhold, people will follow you for your unique platform, heck I’ll follow you for your unique platform. If you haven’t already joined then what are you waiting for?

2. Get Free E-Books.

The number of books one can acquire for free is astounding, especially now in the modern technologically innovated society ,it’s become simpler than ever to acquire those delicious hundreds of pages beautifully constructed together into your hands for free! Sites such as Globusz, Book-Crossing, PaperBack Swap are ready to offer these beauties for the price of nothing.

3. Really Can’t Find the E-Book? Use The Internet To Your Advantage

I’m introducing my gran to read books with PDF, as she’s still not used to technological advancements. PDF is great, as it’s rapid and extremely facile to utilize, my gran’s still learning but she’s making good progress (:-) ).

4. Underline as you read

If you’re like me, this one sounds particularly frustrating, why would someone even think about ruining those mesmerizingly enchanting pages, by scribbling all over the pages? However, by underlining quotes which struck you, phrases which confused you, or a passage which is unforgettable you’re allowing for the effect to linger much longer, I especially apply this when reading one of Shakespeare’s plays.

5. You Could Underline Everything You Read?

It’s comprehensible, you’re a book-lover flowing with beautiful ideas, and you could underline every single passage, after all, there’s an even deeper beautiful message locked within them which you have to dig to understand. A wonderful way to keep track of all the ideas, (which flow like a train once you let them) is by keeping a book diary, not only does the effect linger much longer; it also forces you to realise what truly matters to you.

6.  Always Carry A Book With You

Sometimes we can think it’s exceedingly pointless to grab your precious book and carry it around with you. Not only does it give extra mass to your bag, it’s much safer to leave it in your enchanting personalised bookcase. And to be honest, carrying a book around with you  is as helpful as going to the hair salon, before you roll yourself in mud. That is until you’re stuck in traffic, you’re wifi’s dead, and your tummy churns for your beautiful handheld item. Moral of the Story: Carry A Book Around With You.

6. Look out for a Book-Related Event Near You.

As the time is passing by, the number of people who would choose technologically based entertainment over traditional forms to amuse oneself can be absolutely disheartening for bookworms, which is why book-related events are here. By looking for events, such as awards or festivals which are all associated with your awesome hobby, you’ll find people with the same passion as you do.

7.  Create A Cozy Reading Place (Especially for Mini-Bookworms)

For those who have small children, siblings, cousins and know the power of a book, it can be scary to see that there are less and less things out there to encourage your little one to read. Thus, making a cozy location to simply read is highly convenient. This allows for the ideology of reading to become more attractive, as well as the one location where their imagination goes completely wild. As they associate reading with that fun little snuggly place, they’ll know reading was a good idea.

8. Need Books For Essay Inspiration?

If you’re reading a book in order to complete an assignment and want to get more books to further reinforce your knowledge (any excuse to get more books :-)), then you can habitually know which books to find by going on the back page. This habitually relates to classical books (e.g, Romeo and Juliet, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde), but you can find some with newer books as well. Read or ahem, ahem…Listen To It.

9. Read or ahem, ahem…Listen To It.

“But Nyse, listening to a book is not the same as reading. How dare you, I quit reading this,”

Wait there, please be patient here ;-).

Yes, I completely sympathise you, reading is always infinitely better than an audio-book but sometimes reading a book simply isn’t practical. (e.g, presuppose you’re washing the dishes), audio-books allow you to learn about new character’s , a new place, a new plot, a new story without you having to compromise your other equally as important tasks. Multi-Tasking Book-Worms At The Ready!

10. Read a Book In A Different Language.

Have you been trying to master the art of French Speaking, or become the Emperor of understanding the Japanese alphabet but need a bit of guidance towards linguistic-related journey?  Reading might simply be the solution for you. But instead of running to your closest bookshop and grabbing all the grammar rules in the Indonesian Language, with an aptitude greater than the migrants at the Gold Rush, why not read an actual book in the  desired language? This works by you having great exposure to words, as you’re reading it slowly thus have the capacity to absorb it. Those who read more, have articulate vocabulary because they simply read, and this is applicable when you’re learning another language.


11. Student? Read A Book On The Subject You Strongly Dislike.

Reading Fermat’s Last Theorem was the first step of my journey to destroy my unadulterated horror of maths and anything related to maths (which I have to thank my maths teacher for). By reading a book about a topic which you hate, but are forced to do anyway you’re creating reasons to like the subject, not only are you allowing for the subject to become more interesting (if only a little) you’re also utilizing the difficult situation to create an opportunity. A tactic which any truly successful business man use.Reading in The Bath is… Just Messy? Think again.

12. Reading in The Bath is… Just Messy? Think again.

If you’re like me, you’re a versatile reader, baths may seem like the flawless place to be, the mesmerizing bubbles floating against each other, like the clouds on a midsummer’s day, the lighting and then come’s the soggy pages staring at you angrily asking, why you tortured them through the outpouring of water upon them. Until waterproof books that a You can buy these bookworm life-savers at ______ppeared

Baths may seem like the flawless place to read, the enthralling bubbles floating past each other, like clouds on a particularly sunny day, juxtaposed by the sophisticatedly dark golden lighting suddenly ruined by soggy book pages staring at you, demanding you an answer: Why did you torture me? Why, did you ruin my crispy pages, my wonderful book smell, the precious words imprinted on me by taking me to the bath? Why? Until waterproof books came. Versatile, practical and guilt-free, you can go back to playing with the enthralling books, whilst deliciously indulging yourself in a good (waterproof) book.

13.  Your favorite book isn’t waterproof. Splash out on these instead!

Not many books are yet waterproof, and if your, favorite story isn’t predisposed to face water just yet, why not buy a waterproof case instead. Extremely practical, and easy to use, waterproof book cases, can be used in the bath, in the swimming pool (imagine the idea!) and basically anywhere. You can buy one of these on eBay or other sites.

14. Allow For Competitive Reading.

Yes reading, just like cheetah’s hunting, is meant to be a solitary activity, the peace, the quiet, the idea of complete isolation from the outside world is bliss… But sometimes, we all need a bit of competition to drive our mojo, in order for us to keep pushing forward. Competitions such as Who Can Read The Most Books In A Month, with your friends may just be the thing to get you started.

15. De-Motivated To Read?

We’re humans, we’ve got places to go, and people to see,have to sometimes say no and bedrooms to clean. And sometimes, we say no to reading. However, finding a reason to read, a fact to drive you to open those pages again which seem so close yet so far may be what you need. Here’s one now: Those who Read; Live Longer.

Yes, those who read live longer. Workout With Books, Here I come.

16. Allow Your Book  Characters To Improve Your Health.

Want to improve your health, and sympathize with your character at the same time? Here’s an idea, you can try:

  1. Pick a character from a book. Suppose I pick a girl named Nayara who was born in Angola (completely made this up).
  2. What sport does your character do? Or supposing he doesn’t play a particular sport, what sport would most match their personality. E,g, Nayara is sharp, sassy, and solves problems  by observing their pattern and changes her tactics in accords with them, she takes no prisoners. A dance such as salsa would suit her personality.
  3. Try the sport, in a way that’s applicable to your life! Whilst climbing the Alps, the week after you decided mountaineering is the character’s thing may be unpractical, why not visit a sports center, which allows you to try rock climbing.  For example, I can’t suddenly travel to Puerto Rico to attend the Bachata Salsa Festival, but perhaps I can try a class at my local centre instead.

17. Visit A Book Café

Few things scream chicer than visiting cafe, and what’s more sophisticated than reading a good book. The two combined screams book perfection. A wonderful, relaxing atmosphere it’s a fantastic way to not fall asleep on top of your books.

18. Bed-Time Stories To Your Pet.

Imagine it’ bonfire night. The multitude of colours arrayed across the sky bewitches you, the sound attracts you, whilst it makes Fido and Fluffy cower in fear under your table, whimpering at every BOOM! which we’re voluntarily willing to make. Audio-Books, which were specially designed for dogs may be what you require to allow for your perfect little pooch to dream hm/herself into the land of bones, and tennis balls. A great example is Teddy and Stanley’s Tall Tale .

19. Book-Worm Fashion

Your clothes are a reflection of your personality, so make a statement with a DIY, shirt with your favorite literary quote. I think one of the easiest ways, is the iron-on t-shirt design method. May be old, but it’s quick, and one which isn’t easy to forget, if you wish to see a tutorial on it I would highly recommend the one from expertvillage.

20. Inspire Others To Read!

Through the way you speak, the way you carry yourself, and in absolutely everything demonstrate that reading is fun. Even without giving 1 hour lecture (let’s be honest, if the person listening isn’t a bookworm then they’re not going to listen). If we inspire, others will carry our work on and create something beautiful.

Wow, I had lots of fun coming up with these book hacks. So now I have a question for you, what book hack (s) do you like to use, to make your bookwormish life a little easier? Don’t forget to share it with our fellow book-worms!



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